You Asked For It – Shutter Speed

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This is the third installment of the “You Asked For It” series and we will discuss Shutter Speed today. Shutter speed is one method which controls the amount of light that reaches the film or digital sensor.

Oh no, their’s more than one method ?

Yup ! Last week we discussed aperture or lens opening which is the other way we control the amount of light reaching the film or digital sensor.

OK, now you’re full of it Joe, you wrote a whole damn article on depth of field and you had me believing that ?

Aperture does control depth of field, but it also is another way yo control the amount light that reaches the film or digital sensor.

Remember last week when I told you I didn’t want you to worry about how aperture is related to shutter speed and formulas ?

Guess what, I lied 🙂


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You Asked For It – Depth Of Field

The Visual Chronicle

This is the second post in the “You Asked For It” series and today I will discuss depth of field.  What is depth of field and why should I care ?

Depth of field is the ability to isolate your subject from the background – shallow depth of field

Depth of field is also the ability to have everything from close to infinity in sharp focus – greater depth of field.

Whaaat ? How could the definition of depth of field mean two different things ?

Before I explain here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.   The smaller the sensor on your camera the more difficult it will be to achieve shallow depth of field.  This simply means if you have a compact point and shoot camera it will be very hard to take photographs with a shallow depth of field.  The lenses on these cameras…

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You Asked For It – Composition

The Visual Chronicle


I had recently been asked to participate in a post called “Blog hop around the world”.   In this post I had to answer four questions about my craft or passion which is photography.  I was totally blown away with the comments and positive response I had received for this post and surprised how many people were encouraging me to write more.  I have never really been one to write much with my posts but rather to post photographs with brief descriptions.  People actually were interested in what was going on inside my head while I was taking photos (which is a very scary thought in itself).

So here is the first post in a series of called “You Asked For It”.  The inner workings of an old retired guys mind who happens to love the art of photography 🙂

We will start the series off…

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Stair way to heaven

we took this photo up in Stony Brook, The song “Stair way to heaven” came to mind